The event gains its name from the location (Midmar Dam) and the distance (roughly one mile (1.6 km)). A unique feature of the race is that while the distance covered is always a mile, depending on rainfall and the water levels in the dam, the starting and finishing line varies from year to year.

In 2009 the event, in which 13 755 competitors finished the race, was recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest open water swimming event.

It is always exciting for us as we meet new people and have familiar faces that stay with us yearly for these events. Braai’s are organised and people who have met here before, have a chance of reuniting and socialising for an evening.

Subject to approval and pending alterations to current Government Regulations, the aQuellé Midmar Mile 2021 will move to the following dates:

Sat 6 & Sun 7 March
Sat 13 & Sun 14 March

Saturday 6 March 2021 Sunday 7 March 2021
Disabled / Ironman / Ironwoman / Biathlons / 71 years and older
Event 2
Family Team
Event 3
Company Relay
Event 4
Non-Company Relay

 Saturday 13 March 2021 Sunday 14 March 2021
Event 5
Girls 13 & Under / Women 31 & Over
Event 6
Boys 13 & Under / Men 31 & Over
Event 7
Women 14 to 30
Event 8
Men 14 to 30